Team Computacenter Marcos racing

The Team Computacenter Marcos cars were LM600s (LM for Le Mans, where the cars race).

This is the Marcos LM 600 at Le Mans in June 1995. - Click on images for larger pictures.

LM600 No 70 @ Le Mans 1995

Car 71 on Sunday morning

More pictures of the 1995 LM600s at the BPR web site.

The team was setup in 1994 to race the, then current, LM 500. This was a heavily modified Marcos GT with a 5 litre Rover V8 and contested the BRDC GT championship.

By the end of the season, the car had taken both class and overall wins and Chris Hodgetts finished the season as GT2 champion. Other drivers in the first season included Chris Marsh (son of Jem) and Andy Purvis (sometime TVR Tuscan driver).

In 1995, the team moved up to the LM600. Similar to the LM500, this car boasted a 6.3 litre Chevrolet engine, similar to that used in the Corvette. As well as contesting the BRDC championship in the UK, the team also entered cars in the Silverstone and Donnington rounds of the BPR endurance championship and the Le Mans 24 Hours race.

Richard Porter's shot of the LM600 from the 1995 BRDC series.

1995 was a successful year. The LM600 won a number of races outright, despite running in the GT2 class, and Chris Hodgetts took the BRDC championship. Thomas Erdos and Chris Marsh backed him up at various times in the year (with Erdos taking a win) and in Holland a one-make series saw LM500s race. Cor Euser took delivery of a LM600 and raced in the BPR series towards the end of the season, performing especially well in the rain at Silverstone.

Le Mans was a great publicity success for Marcos as the cars attracted great attention and one made it to the finish (a great achievement in itself), albeit unclassified due to a couple of hours delay near the start of the race when the driver struggled (eventually successfully) to cure an electrical problem which stranded it on the Mulsanne Straight.

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