CMI Rally, Castle Combe 2002

Some shots from the recent Castle Combe 2002, CMI Rally.

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Mantis Spyder Le Mans special

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Guess whose?

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CLE 100H was there at last! A great day out with a wonderful drive there and back down the A4

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A rare sight - this is actually one of two Autotune Mirages - the kit based upon the Mantis 4 seater

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Mantis Coupe - one of 3

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My favourite Mantula Spyder was there again

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This lovely 1800 won the originality award

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Another big turn out in the Castle Combe sunshine

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The owner of the Mantaray I drove last year has added a carbon dash, in-car navigation system and DVD player - looked good.

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A lot of newer cars again this year - this is another Mantis Spyder

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My favourite this year was this beautiful blue LM coupe