Jem Marsh returns to sportscar production

Jem Marsh and Marcos Engineering have, as promised at Castle Combe, announced their new venture; The Marcasite TS250.

Fresh start for an old favourite – New ‘Marcasite TS250’ gears up for launch

Jem Marsh, founder of ‘Marcos’ has used over forty years of engineering experience and manufacturing knowledge to produce the next Great British sports car in just four months – the ‘Marcasite TS250’, which combines the charisma of the traditional Marcos cars with the image and technology of the future.

The superb new soft top with an optional hardtop has emerged from the Westbury stable with an updated, twenty-first century look, feel and appeal and can be seen on Stand 250 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 12-14th July 2002.

The new British sportscar has discarded the crude controls, perspex headlamp covers and walnut dashboard. Instead, the ‘Marcasite TS250’ is equipped with modern electronic controls, sealed headlamps and an anodised engine-turned aluminium dash.

The superbly finished leather interior still holds its popular ‘racing seat’ position with the innovative electric adjustable pedals and steering column. The new Marcos is fitted with a 2.5V6 engine which gives plenty of power and performance. The battery is also now situated in the front – giving plenty of space in the larger boot for luggage, golf clubs and trolleys.

Jem Marsh, founder of the ‘Marcos’ and famed for his contribution to British Motor Industry over the past forty years said;

‘The Marcasite TS250 will provide a thrilling driving experience in a lively, lightweight new British sportscar designed to combine the prestige of the past with the appeal of the 21st Century. We are delighted to be showing our exciting new model at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and believe it will win the hearts of both male and female motorists across all age groups.’

For more information, contact Jem at Marcos Engineering or visit 1