The coupe shape has changed, superficially, very little since 1964, but along the way there have been many detail and major alterations. The idea of this page is to document, so that you'll have some idea of what you are looking at if you should go out to buy a Marcos.

It seems, however, that at times, some cars were hybrids, with some of the later and earlier details present on a single car. If you are looking to buy a car, condition is the number 1 attribute to consider.

Chassis Numbers

Chassis NumbersDatesNumber Built (figures from 50th Rally programme where different)Details
1001-100619606 (9)GT/Xylon/Ugly Duckling
2001-20131961-196213Luton Gullwing
3001-30181963-196521 (18)Fastback (including Spyders)
4001-40991964-1966991800GT (IRS + Live Axled)
32 (20)
(including cars below)
1600GT (wood chassis)
5303-5521100, 192 (119 Wood V6s)
(including above cars)
3 litre V6 and 1600GT with wood chassis, long bonnet and electric windows
5522-59551969-1971250 (196)3 litre V6, Steel Chassis (5366 also reported on a steel chassis car and a wood one!)
5472-59541969-197166 (78)2 litre V4, Steel Chassis
5506-59671970-197180 (172)3 litre Volvo (5967 last of pre 80 cars)
5883-5927197111 (12)2.5 litre Triumph GT - engines from Mantis
5783-5911197132Mantis 2+2
5961-5966197161600GT, steel chassis
including Mk2s
Mini Marcos Mk1
7001-71091966See AboveMini Marcos Mk2
plus 40 Marcos Ireland
and 40 Brian Raubenheimer, SA
Mini Marcos Mk3
8001-80861974-198193Mini Marcos Mk4 - Marcos Built
8101-84241974-1981329Mini Marcos Mk4 - D&H Built
9000-90641991-199665Mini Marcos Mk5
????1982-1990(130)Post-80 Coupe - Mainly kits
8087-????1984-1992(170)Mantula V8 - Mainly kits
8240-????1986-1992(119)Mantula Spyder - Mainly kits
????1991-1994(80)Martina - All kits
Others number up to 50174
1992-1998105 (137 Mantaras in all)Mantara 3.9 litre - 4 kits, rest fully type approved and built as are all cars after this.
1992-19988Mantara 4.0
50158,502381992-19982 (137 Mantaras in all)Mantara 2.0
1992-199819 (137 Mantaras in all)Mantara 2.0 Turbo GTS
1994-199715 (36 LMs in all)LM400
1994-199720 (36 LMs in all)LM500
1997-200234 (51 Mantis in all)Mantis
50128,50177,50188,50196,50199,50220,50235,50244,50245,502511997-200110 (51 Mantis in all)Mantis Supercharged
50247,50249,50250,50254,50257,50259,50260,502611997-20018 (51 Mantis in all)Mantis GT
1997-200211 (26 Mantarays in all)Mantaray 3.9
50221,50230,50233,50234,50239,50240,502481997-20027 (26 Mantarays in all)Mantaray 4.6

The following relate to the chassis numbers issued to factory built race cars. Some of the Mantis, and maybe some other models, have been converted to road use.

Racer Chassis Numbers

Chassis NumbersNumber BuiltDetails
LM9406C,LM9413,LM9415,LM9416,LM9417,LM94186 (7)LM500 racer
50061,50062,LM9502,LM95034LM600 racer
50200-50219,50300-50315,50329,5033038Mantis racer

From chassis no 5001, the chassis numbers were mixed between the various models. To indentify the specific model a prefix was added, thus :-
Prefix FormatModel
3/XXXXWood chassis V6
3M/XXXXSteel chassis V6
2M/XXXXSteel chassis V4 - Many now converted to V6
3V/XXXXVolvo 3 litre
2T/XXXX2.5 Litre Triumph engined GT
P8/XXXXMantis 2+2
Other Prefixes Used
DHXXXXD&H manufactured Mini Marcos
XXXX LLive axled 1800GT
XXXX SMantula Spyder

Many V4s now have V6 engines and many 1500GTs or 1650GTs have 1600 or 2000cc Ford engines.

Some Mantis 2+2s have Rover V8s, but watch out for the later, Autotune, kit version of the car, often with 2 litre Ford engines.

You will find a few 'convertible' coupes - The factory never made these, so quality will depend on the individual conversion - Look for extra cross members in the suspension and alluminum panels in the transmission tunnel for signs of a 'good' job.

Where cars are described as kits, the registration year may be later than the last year of manufacture (due to delays) or earlier (due to the owner using a loophole which allowed use of an old car's plate - Some Marcos Mantulas are registered as Ford-Marcos Mantulas!). Often the kits will be registered on a Q plate.

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