Pre 72 Models Parts Source List

Most owners of earlier (Pre 72 and early V6 80s) Marcos cars are familiar with the sucking of teeth at the Motor Factors when they ask what car the part is for. Well to solve this problem someone at the CMI put together a list of parts and where they originated from.

I've scanned and OCR'd (and then corrected!) this and I'll exchange it for details of your car. If you want a copy E-mail me with the registration no, chassis no and model of your car (replace the A with @ and X with a dot).

Other Documents

Some of the guys in the US have gathered some useful documents in PDF format.

Thanks to Ashley Molyneux for getting them to me - At last I have some Webspace to put them online. - Thanks ntl.

Be aware - These files are BIG and will take a long time to download over a modem!

1981 Build manual (3,495Kb) - Click Here To Download

70s Build Manual (5,728Kb) - Click Here To Download

Pre-71 Manual (US Origin - 4,547Kb) - Click Here To Download

Useful Info - Triumph Parts (4,483Kb) - Click Here To Download

Ford Essex V6 Rebuild(5,318Kb) - Click Here To Download

Compare the power, weight and performance of the models over the years.

YearModelLengthWidthHeightWeightEngine0-60 mph50-70 mphMax Speed (mph)
1959 Ugly Duckling 12'1"/3770mm4'7"/1430mmn/a896lbs / 406kgsFord 100E 1100cc (50 bhp)n/an/a120 mph
1965 1.8 Volvo engined - Wooden Chassis 13'4"/4160mm5'2"/1612mm43"/1118mm1702lbs / 772kgsVolvo 4 in-line 1780cc (114bhp, 110 lb ft)9.0 secs6.0 secs115 mph
1967 Mini Marcos GT 850 11'4"/3588mm4'8"/1456mm39"/1014mm1176lbs / 533kgsMini 850cc (34bhp, 44lb ft)n/an/a85 mph
1968 1600cc Wooden Chassis 13'4"/4160mm5'2"/1612mm43"/1118mm1638lbs / 742kgsFord 1599cc 4 inline (100bhp, 105lb/ft)10.5 secs6.5 secs112 mph
1969 3 Litre V6 - Steel Chassised 13'4"/4160mm5'2"/1612mm43"/1118mm2350lbs / 1065kgsFord Essex V6 - 2994cc (140 Bhp, 199lb/ft)7.5 secs5.2 secs125 mph
1971 Mantis 2.5 litre 15'6"/4836mm5'11"/1846mm3"10"/1196mm2300lbs / 1045kgs2.5 litre Triumph 6 in line (150 bhp, 158 lb ft)n/an/ac. 120 mph
1984 Mantula 3.5 litre 13'8"/4212mm5'2"/1612mm43"/1118mm1960lbs / 889kgs3.5 litre Rover V8 sub 6 secsc. 5 secsc 130 mph
1994 Mantara 3.9 litre 13'2"/4108mm5'6"/1716mm43"/1118mm2370lbs/1075kgsRover V8 3.9 litre5.4 secs8 secs(in top)131 mph
1995 LM500 Spyder 14'/4316mm6'0"/1872mm43"/1118mm2427lbs / 1100kgsRover V8 4998cc (320 bhp, 300 lb ft)4.6 secs2.6 secs (best)c 165 mph
1997 Mantis Spyder 13'4"/4160mm6'0"/1872mm39"/1014mm2615lbs / 1189kgsFord 32 Valve 4600cc (352bhp, 300lb ft)5.2 secs2.4 secs (best)154 mph
1997 GTS Spyder 12'10"/4005mm5'4"/1680mm44"/1150mm2310lbs / 1050kgsRover 16 valve 2.0 litre Turbo(197bhp, 240lb ft)5.1 secsn/a135 mph
1998 Supercharged Mantis 13'4"/4160mm6'0"/1872mm39"/1014mm2695lbs / 1197kgsFord 32 Valve 4600cc Supercharged (450bhp, 350lb ft)4.4 secs1.9 secs (best)161 mph

Apologies for the missing data, but sources are rare! At least the weights are consistent now!