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15th August 2014 : My car is back on the road

After 10 years, I've finally got my car, CLE 100H, back on the road!!!!

Read how I did it, here.

2nd January 2012 : Carbon Mantis scale model

Gary Harman wrote to tell me about a new scale model Marcos.

This one is available from the German Owners' Club, is of a Mantis convertible and made (it appears) of Carbon Fibre (I'm not 100% sure if it's real CF or not, but I suspect so).

CF Mantis

Price is €125 plus postage.

Email me if you're interested and I will ask Gary for more information, or try the German Owners' Club directly.

2nd January 2012 : Swiss Owners' club revived

Reinhard Rieser has been in touch to say that the Swiss Owners' Club has been revived.

There is a new website at :

The Club's new email address is :

19th July 2010 : Jem celebrates 80th Birthday

It was a while ago now, but Jem, Marcos owners and former workers at the factory celebrated the founder's 80th birthday at the Heynes Motor Museum and later at Bradford Upon Avon (once home to Marcos and still home to Jem and Lyn).

Jem and well wishers

I couldn't make the day, but thanks to all involved in organising the day (which I understand was a great success) and best wishes for many more birthdays to Jem.

Former factory team pose with a 3 litre as made at Bradford Upon Avon

Photos reproduced from CMI Magazine

4th July 2010 : Mantis XP on the hill at Goodwood Festival of Speed

This image was on the FOS website.

The text accompanying it read :

One of the undoubted show stoppers at this year’s Festival of Speed is the extraordinary Mantis XP. Conceived by Bradford-on-Avon constructor Marcos, and styled by Dennis Adams, this timber-hulled, mid-engined sports-racer was built in 1968 and raced only once in period. It was entered for that year’s Spa 1000km for Eddie Nelson and Grand Prix occasional, Robin Widows. When the latter decided to sit out the race, marque founder Jem Marsh took his place, although the former stuntman found contorting his 6ft 5in frame into the ultra-low cabin a bit of a chore. The car retired from the epically wet race early on its three-litre Repco F1 engine was subsequently removed and replaced with a Buick V8. The by now road legal machine was sold to an American enthusiast and 40 years later it remains in the same family ownership.

3rd July 2010 : Mantis XP at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Ned Morris has brought the Mantis XP over from his California home again to accept the invite to take part in the world famous Goodwood Festival of Speed event.

The car is looking as great as it did at Prescott in 2010 and, although I was only there on the "Moving Motorshow" day on Thursday, I've seen photos of the car on the 'hill' (not really a hill, is it?) on Friday, so I expect it will be running every day this weekend.

Ned commented that when he received the invite to take part he spoke to people who had not accept invites and regretted it, so hopefully he's having a great weekend - Thanks to the Morris family and Marcos Heritage Spares for bringing the car back to the UK.

What next? The Le Mans Classic?

29th January 2010 : 2010 Thames Valley Group meetings start

The first of many (if all goes well) 2010 Thames Valley Marcos meets will be at the Bird in Hand, Knowl Hill (RG10 9UP) on Wednesday 3rd February 2010 from say 7.45pm.

19th December 2009 : 2010 Marcos Event at the Ace Cafe

For anyone not familiar with the Marcos Enthusiasts Forum, Zeke (otherwise known as Stuart) is organising an event for the Thames Valley Marcos at the Ace Cafe London on Saturday May 15th 2010 6 to 11pm

The event was very popular last year and he's keen to make it even better this year.

I'm in the process of arranging some musical entertainment for the evening, which may or may not include some Marcos & Morgan members getting up for a number or two. We have a 3000 watt Turbosound PA and a wide array of Class A valve amps at our disposal to choose from if anyone is interested in participating. The theme is likely to focus on British rock bands covering the Marcos 50 years!(to keep the ACE regulars happy) We will be arranging some rehearsals in Croydon beforehand. The house band for the night should include the bass player from Eric Clapton's (early 1980's) touring band.

I don't have a preference for the venue for the afternoon meet on the same day (as I'm likely to twiddling with cables in the afternoon at the ACE) - although we have a "pole " suggesting we meet at the RAF museum which is the nearest place we can find so far to the can see the thread on the forum here

I know there were earlier discussions via this email thread earlier on but I'm not sure if they were conclusive and I think Jack has included the range of options to choose from on the forum thread.

Can you let me know if you have any preferences for this event? - music-wise or venue-wise- my mobile is 07951557466, best to call after 6pm weekdays or daylight hours weekends.


Stuart / Zeke

13th December 2009 : Report on 50th Anniversary event in New Zealand

Kiwi Marcos stalwart, Ray Green, wrote to tell me of the celebrations of the Marcos 50th Anniversary in New Zealand.

No time to fill in the details as yet, as still recovering from organising the race meeting, Nov 28th/29th at the brand new Hampton Downs race track, just south of Auckland, NZ.

But, just 10 Marcos in NZ, 5 out on the parade laps at lunch time and I was allowed to run the ex 2000 UK GT Championship winning LM500. Pity the oil pressure warning light came on after three laps and I had to kill it and get towed in! "Racing Ray" Williams brought along his cushions and drove my car in the parade (he raced it at the Whangarei Street Races in January 2000) and was seen dicing with the safety car...

A DVD of the event is to be produced with a specific feature on the Marcos cars, with 6 of the 12 races that were covered for television (will go out on Sky TV, NZ, probably January).

Great racing too, with Alfa Trofeo Series, Open BMW, 2 grids of E30 BMWs, our own Arrow Wheels series and an exciting AES TradeZone race featuring my own Marcos Volvo 3 litre. Sorry guys, I didn't win the handicap races, but was carrying an in car camera in both. The racing was spectacular with a couple of major incidents caught on the external cameras (didn't involve me thankfully).

Photograph copyright Groundsky photography, who will have a load more pics available later.



12th October 2009 : Cor Euser wins 2009 Dutch Supercar Challenge.

Cor Euser scooped the 2009 Dutch Supercar Challenge, one of the foremost sportscar series in Europe (taking in rounds in Holland, Germany, the UK and Belgium).

Up against Dodge Vipers, Ferrari F430s and Martin Short's Mosler, it's a great result for Cor Euser and extra special with the 50th anniversary of the marque still going on.

As you can see in these shots from Gary Harman, the LM600 proudly wore the 50th Anniversary stickers at Spa.

21st August 2009 : Report on the 50th Anniversary event at Prescott

As promised, I've now written up my impressions of the the 50th Anniversary event at Prescott on Sunday 16th August 2009.

You can find the article, which features many new photos, here.

More images from the 50th Anniversary Rally at Prescott Hillclimb can be found here for now.

17th August 2009 : Fantastic turnout for 50th Anniversary

Images from the 50th Anniversary Rally at Prescott Hillclimb can be found here for now.

Well over 200 cars were present including the only Probe 15, the XP racer, a Le Mans LM600, a Costin Amigo and many more Marcoses rare and not so.

A fuller report and more pictures will follow soon.

A huge thank you on behalf of all Marcos fans and owners to all involved in making it such a great event.

11th July 2009 : New Jem Marsh Book

Gary Harman let me know that you can now pre-order Jem Marsh's book on the Marcos Marque.

As some of you are not aware Jem Marsh has a book coming out very soon!

Follow the link to

Click on making my Marque below the images

The on the RED > top right for more details.

16th November 2008 : TVG December meeting

Due to its closeness to the Christmas dinner, the December TVG group meeting will probably not take place.

16th November 2008 : New Zealand 50th Anniversary Event

Ray Green writes to let me know of plans to celebrate the Marcos marque's 50th anniversary in New Zealand.

We have booked the brand new National race circuit at the Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, situated about 40kms south of Auckland, and half way between Auckland and Hamilton, alongside state highway one. Construction is on target for circuit completion June 1st 2009 – just after the local season normally finishes!

This is a wonderful new facility, with 80 trackside, two bedroomed luxury apartments, of which, about 60 are available for rental as part of the Hampton Downs Motorsport Lodge.

The booking is for a National race meeting, and will be for Saloons, Sports and GT cars, probably running the classes now deemed to be part of the local Classic scene. It is more than likely that the event will be televised and shown later on pay TV and possibly free to air, and a DVD may also be produced.

With the Marcos 50th anniversary in 2009 and already, strong support from local owners for some sort of celebration, this is also an opportunity for other fibreglass British sports and GT cars to be involved.

Star car is likely to be the ex-Le Mans Marcos team LM500 and we will arrange a lunch time circuit parade by all supporting cars.

Overseas owners are encouraged to support this event and head down under at a time when the Northern hemisphere weather is not too good. The circuit is also hosting a massive celebration of McLaren cars late January 2010, with many overseas cars already confirmed. Could be a great time to plan a retirement visit to NZ!

31st October 2008 : TVG November meeting

Due to some blokes trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament (and sadly failing) hundreds of years ago, the TVG meet will be delayed one week until 12th November.

I believe the location will be the Jekyll & Hyde, on the A33 north of Basingstoke.

19th October 2008 : TVG Xmas Do - Spaces available

If you are in driving distance of the Old Bell, Grazeley Green (just off the M4 junction at Reading) on December 13th, you might be interested in joining the Marcos Thames Valley Group.

Full details can be found here.

8th August 2008 : 2008 Euregio at the Nurburgring

Christian Fey sent over details of this year's Euregio - As usual it sounds like a great event.

Hallo an alle Marcos Freunde,

Hello to all Marcos friends, (English version alternates with German)

nach dem Le Mans Classic steht nun das Marcos Euregio Treffen wieder vor der Tür. Der ADAC als Veranstalter hat einige Dinge geändert. Der Name wurde von "Classic" in "Eifelrennen" geändert. Als Club sind wir wieder herzlich eingeladen und unverändert erhalten wir zum Vorzugspreis von 150 € Eintrittskarten für 2 Personen zu allen Rennen, Tribünen sowie Boxe, Club Parkplatz innerhalb des Paddock sowie die Teilnahme an 2 Gleichmäßigkeitsprüfungen auf der Nordschleife inclusive offizieller Zeitnahme, Startnummern etc.

Back from the Le Mans Classic now the Marcos Euregio Meeting is coming. The organizing ADAC did change some things for 2008. The name is changed from "Classic" to "Eifelrennen" (in earlier days one of the big events on the Ring). The Marcos club will get a warm welcome as one of the first and regular clubs attending this event. Similar to the earlier events the ADAC offer a special Club package for 150 € the weekend including entry tickets for the team = 2 persons, the tickets allow you to visit all races, parking in the Paddock on a Marcos Club parking zone, free access to paddock, pits and all grandstands around the complete circuit and attendance for the 2 regularity runs on the Nordschleife with a total of 2 1/4 hours, official start numbers, official timer for every car are included. Helmets are obligatory for driver and co-driver !! no sound limits, no speed limits.

Im Gegensatz zu Le Mans gibt es keine Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung durch ein Pace Car sondern wie bisher kann jeder seine Geschwindigkeit selbst vorgeben, nicht der Schnellste ist der Beste sondern der die selbst vorgegebene Zeit am Besten in den folgenden Runden egalisieren kann. Hört sich einfach an, ist aber auf der Nordschleife schwieriger wie man meint. Gestartet wird Einzeln im 30 Sekunden Takt, sodaß auch der Verkehr auf der Strecke vom Start weg angenehm ist und man problemlos seine Linie fahren kann.

Compared to the LMC "tour de piste" we have no pace car, so everybody can set his own speed and in the sense of a regularity run not the quickest will be the winner, but the team best equalizing their own presetting. At first view looks very easy, but you should not forget you drive on the Nordschleife and the length of each lap is nearly 21 km. Or you drive "just for fun" or as quick as you want. The start procedure is every 30 seconds a car, so even after the start procedure you donŽt have traffic and can find your rythm and drive your line.

Das Hotel Nord in Rheinbach bietet uns wie in den vergangenen Jahren einen Sonderpreis, sowie eine bewachte Tiefgarage. Anfahrt mit Wohnmobil und Abstellen auf bewachtem Parkplatz, wie auch Zelten sind wie in den vergangenen Jahren möglich.

The "Hotel Nord" Rheinbach offer a special rate (10% off) for the Marcos owners and offer a closed & guarded garage. As in former years no problem to come with a mobile home or tent, parking for trailer on a guarded parking area as well possible.

Freitags Abends ist für die bereits anwesenden das "Rheinbacher Brauhaus" unser Treffpunkt. Samstag Abend wird in TomŽs Werkstatt ein gemütlicher Abend und "Benzingespräche" stattfinden.

Friday evening we meet in the "Rheinbacher Brauhaus", Saturday evening in TomŽs workshop for a Barbecue in the Cafeteria of the GTC and some "fuel talks".

Die Platzreservierung erfolgt mit Anmeldung und Zahlung des Nenngeldes (direkt an den ADAC). Anmeldeschluß: 20. August 2008. Ich möchte daran erinnern, daß in 2007 die maximal zulässige Zahl der Starter für die Nordschleife bereits vor Nennschluß erreicht war. Nachmeldungen wie in den früheren Jahren konnten nicht mehr berücksichtigt werden. Also schnell anmelden erscheint sinnvoll.

To get the Reservation for your Marcos is only possible via the Entry list (= see the link) and the payment of the entry fee directly to the ADAC. Definite deadline is the 20. August 2008. I want to remain all of us, that in 2007 it was not possible to get tickets after the deadline as in earlier years, so the best is to book as soon as possible.

Wir würden uns freuen, wieder möglichst viele Marcos anzutreffen und daher wäre es schön, wenn Ihr auch Bekannte und Freunde ansprecht. Aus organisatorischen Gründen wären wir für eine kurze Mail dankbar, wenn Ihr die Nennung abgegeben habt.

We will be glad to see as many Marcos as possible and it would be very helpful to inform other Marcos owners & friends. For the organisation we ask you to send a short mail if you will join the event.

Gute Fahrt und bis zum September (Marcos Euregio Kalender 2008 mit Bildern von 2007 zur Einstimmung anbei)

Happy cornering and see you in September (Marcos Euregio Calendar 2008 with pics from the 2007 as warm-up attached)

Christian & Wolfgang

CF Mantula & Mantarauk11


ADAC Eifelrennen website:

Anmeldeformular / Entry list: Deutsch & English[1].pdf

Programm alle Rennen / program all races:

Hotel / Hotel: = bitte direkt buchen / please book yourself, if you have problems with the language mail me direct

Rheinbacher Brauhaus / Rheinbacher Beer Brewing House:

25th June 2008 : Jem Marsh Website

Just spotted a link to a potentially very interesting website for Marcos fans. is a website promising "some of my own personal archival photos and memorabilia" from Jem Marsh, the man behind Marcos.

There's been talk of a new book for some time and Jem mentioned a while ago that in researching it a huge amount of material had come to light, so hopefully the site will start to fill up fairly quickly.

I'll be watching it, for sure.

29th January 2008 : 50th Anniversary Event 15/16 August 2009

Arrangements are starting to take shape for the weekend gathering, with Sunday booked at the Prescott Hill Climb circuit (north of Cheltenham), with the opportunity to take your car up the hill in a non competitive environment. Saturday will include the Concours judging, with other events to be confirmed.

The aim is to get at least 150 cars in attendance for this once in a lifetime event, so plenty of time for you to get all those jobs finished.

Marcos Heritage is trying to contact as many Marcos owners worldwide as they can with a view to getting everyone together for the 50th Anniversary, and to e-mail a monthly or quarterly newsletter. If you would like to receive an invitation to the 50th Anniversary celebrations and receive the newsletter please send details of:

Your name
E-Mail address
Telephone No
Chassis No


No personal information will be passed to any person or organisation by Marcos Heritage.

25th January 2008 : Marcos XP rebuild nears completion

I didn't even know this was happening, but Ned Morris has been busily having the unique Mantis XP racer restored.

Dave McGill's site has the full story and an ongoing slide show of the rebuild process, but I'm sure he won't mind me posting one shot of the car, which shows the painstaking work going on to bring this incredible car back to its original glory (and then some, probably, given it was originally a race car built to perform rather than to the highest standards of finish.

The first shot (by Don Lattimer) is from the time I visited the car in 2002

Suspension in 2002

The second (from Dave's site) shows the suspension and rear chassis in 2008.

Rebuilt rear suspension

Check out the images on Dave's site and I can't wait to see the car in its completed state.

I must get back there to see it again once it's finished!

9th November 2007 : Marcos: dead again

Sad, but perhaps not that surprising, news from Top Gear Magazine's website.

"Marcos is dead. Just five years after being revived from bankruptcy by Canadian businessman Tony Stelliga, it has this week been announced that the British sports car company has gone into administration.

Stelliga has already started to wind down Marcos business operations, though he will retain ownership of the name.

Diminishing sales and rising production costs were blamed as the major factors in Marcos' demise. "We could not attain a profit point, reduce our cost base or raise the necessary capital to sustain the business," said Stelliga.

Founded in 1959 by Jem Marsh and Frank Costin - stick their surnames together and you'll come up with Marcos, see - the company fell into bankruptcy in 2000 before it was rescued by Stelliga.

Despite development of the open-topped TSO, powered by a Corvette-sourced V8, lack of investment and low profit margins scuppered Stelliga's business plans.

Marcos will fulfil existing orders of the TSO GT before its assets are sold off and factory closed."

One has to wonder just how much work will be involved to 'fulfil existing orders'.

Is this finally the end for Marcos? The news that Stelliga is retaining ownership of the name is rather worrying in terms of a future revival...

19th April 2007 : Original LM600 runs in Computacenter livery again

Gary Harman sent me this shot of LM95-002, one of the two cars run by the factory in the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours, in a recent shake down test.

This car had been owned by Gerry Taylor for some years and campaigned in the British GT series, but it was sold last year and is now returned to its original livery, ready for FIA 1990s GT racing.

It's certainly looking good!

7th December 2006 : New 1/43rd scale model manufacturer launches with the Marcos Mantis!

Robert Preece got in touch to let me know he's formed a 1/43rd scale model company (JaR Models) and their first model is the late 90s Mantis!

An initial run of 50 Mantis Coupes will be the first batch, to be followed (date to be confirmed) by 100 Mantis convertibles - The numbers will ensure that demand will be high.

They currently have a prototype for sale on eBay (shown above), but the Mantis coupe production run will cost £78 each (Bespoke 1/43rd scale models are never cheap and you're unlikely to ever find another Mantis model).

Contact JaR Models through their eBay account above or email Robert directly for more information.

28th August 2006 : Still time to participate in the Euregio - Drive the Nordschleife!

Christian Fey's been in contact again to remind me (and you) that there's still time to register for the Euregio and get a chance to drive your Marcos on the phenomenal Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit.

Christian's mail reads : The reactions on the invitation to the Marcos Euregio Meeting were excellent and nearly everybody who joined us last year will come again, as well as some "new" Marcos owners. Till the 30.08.2006 you have to fill in the entry list.

The entry list & regulations you will find here.. The entry list is bilingual and therefore I don't think you will have problems to complete it.

You can send the dates via Fax or Mail to Mrs. Berthold ADAC.

Silvia Berthold
ADAC Nordrhein Sport
Telefon +49 221 4727708
Telefax +49 221 447433
e-Mail :

Please send me a copy or short mail, that you will come for a better organisation.

If you want to have booked the Hotel, let me know if you want a "single / double room" and "smoker / non smoker room".

Program: Friday you can book 2 trackday sessions from 2 hours for the "Nordschleife" and the "long GP circuit" for 75 Euros each.

Booking and Payment directly on the ciruit.

This is a very good oportunity to learn the circuit.Last year only 65 cars were on the track in both sessions. So you will drive completly alone and can really concentrate on the circuit.

Marcos Factory perhaps will join the event with the new Marcos TSO Targa and for the evenig we have invited a person who will tell us a lot concerning the design work in the 60s and 70s if his health will allow him to fly.

To get a impression what will you expect, follow this link for a video from 3 weeks ago with 2 other Marcos driving on the Nordschleife.

Don't forget to fill in the entry form and to send to Mrs. Berthold ADAC and hope to see you soon.

Christian Fey

If you plan to attend, fill in the form NOW!!!!!

13th July 2006 : Production ready TSOs announced

A couple of days ago, Marcos unveiled production versions of the TSO.

There is a targa topped version, as well as the coupe, which seems pretty much as seen before.

Photos courtesy of

Marcos Engineering's press release says :

The TSO GTC is a classic British race-inspired 2-seat sports coupe that comes with racing
suspension, racing brakes and a rear diffuser. The GTC is priced at £49,950.	

The TSO R/T delivers a thrilling open top driving experience with dual removable roof
panels - combining a roadster experience with the safety, confidence and styling of the
coupe. The R/T comes equipped with touring suspension, cargo nets and premium sound
and is priced at £53,950.	   

Both models come standard with a 420 horsepower Aluminium V8 Engine and a 6-speed
manual gearbox. A 462 horsepower Performance Pack is also available. TSO’s are being
delivered this summer to the Marcos Dealer Network.	 

“The TSO’s combination of tuned V8 power and lightweight design delivers both stunning
performance and breathtaking sound in a reliable, precision Engineered and affordable
British Supercar”, said Tony Stelliga, Marcos Engineering’s Managing Director.
The TSO is professionally Engineered. Composites and components are CAD designed
and fabricated in England. The Chassis is Engineered and manufactured by Prodrive - a
leading developer of motorsport chassis and race cars that have earned five British
Touring Car Championships and six World Rally titles. Designed to be lightweight and
responsive, the TSO inspires confidence and is communicative up to and beyond the limit.
The TSO is reliable - with the same proven V8 Engine and drivetrain components found in
the Corvette and Monaro. Induction, exhaust and electronics modifications by Marcos
further enhance the TSO’s drivability and performance.	  

The TSO is a performer – a lightweight composite body, space frame chassis and V8
engine provide an impressive power-to-weight ratio. With the Performance Pack the TSO
accelerates to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds and to 100 mph in 8.5 seconds. Huge 340mm AP
Racing brakes deliver a 0-100-0 time of 12.9 seconds. Overtaking is effortless with a 50 to
70 mph time of just 2.1 seconds. Top speed is over 185 mph.

30th June 2006 : Luxembourg Rally photos online

Christian Fey emailed me to say the Luxembourg Rally photos are now online.

Click the image above to see the photos, click the image of the Marcos bonnet and then click the 'Spielen' button to see a slide show of the images.

18th May 2006 : Bristol Mini show

Just received this from Roger Garland.

On Sunday 4th June we will be at Bristol Mini Day.

The MMOC have arranged to have a club stand at this event, which will take place at North Somerset Showground, Wraxall, a few miles off the M5 just south of Bristol.

There should be a good selection of club stands, Mini related autojumble, trade stands, entertainment for children and grown-ups, an off road / grass track area, a mod scooter gathering - all the fun and excitement you would expect from a well organised Mini meeting.......

However, this one will be a little different - as we aim to provide the customers with some plastic cars to help brighten up their day.

This is where you come in! If you have a Mini based kit car (or a Mini) that you can bring along to help "populate" the MMOC stand, we would really appreciate your support. We have booked the space, but we need the cars / people.

OK, you may have other things on or live miles away, but if you can make it, this is a chance for you to get out and about and to support the club.

As our "South West England" representative, Richard Delaney is the MMOC contact person for this event and you can contact him on 01275 462 174. Alternatively, you can contact Richard by e-mail at

He would love to hear from you, so please do get in touch.....

Safe Driving


9th May 2006 : Cheshire Kit & Classic Car show

Just received this from Roger Garland.

If you're in the area or fancy a weekend away, give him a call

So where will you be the weekend after next?

Melanie and I plan to be attending the Cheshire Kit Car + Classic Car Show, promoting the Mini Marcos Owners Club and generally having an enjoyable day. We have booked B+B on a nearby farm for the Saturday evening, so we should arrive at the showground in good time on the Sunday morning.

How about joining us and help "wave the flag" for MMOC?? - If not for B+B (although that is also an option - details available) then at least for the show on the Sunday?

Sunday May 21, 2006: Opens 10am
Capesthorne Hall, near Macclesfield

Now in its 23rd year, the popular Cheshire Kit Car + Classic Car Show is organised by the Rochdale Owners Club and supported by "Which Kit?". Set in the beautiful grounds of Capesthorne Hall, Macclesfield, Cheshire, the annual gathering has gained a reputation as a friendly, fun day for car enthusiasts and their families. The Jacobean-style Capesthorne Hall, with its Georgian chapel, holds a fascinating collection of paintings, sculptures and furniture. The 100-acre park offers lakeside gardens, nature trail and woodland walks.

This year they are hoping for an even wider range of kit (both old and new) and classic cars, as a good display broadens the interest for all concerned. There will also be trade and craft stands, a funfair and a range of events in the arena including: inter-club tug of war, working stationary engine display, children's fun fair and refreshment stalls. A small number of manufacturers are also expected to have vehicles on display.

Prizes are awarded for Best Car of Show, Runner-up, Highly Commended, Visitors' Choice and Which Kit? Car of Show. Last year a Mini Marcos was one of the "Best of Show" prize winners!

FREE for kit/classic car and driver
FREE parking for non-kit cars
£4 for adults (over 16)*
£2.00 children (12-16 years)*

* This is the same as the usual entrance charge to the grounds throughout the year. It includes access to all the attractions mentioned above except the Hall. The Hall is open between 12:30 and 3:30pm and costs £1.50 to enter.

Getting to Capesthorne: Capesthorne Hall is situated just south of the A537/A34 crossroads, west of Macclesfield. It is sign-posted and within easy reach of the M6 (J 18) the M60 (J 3) and the M56 (J 6).

Any questions, please phone or e-mail me, Roger Garland

Club Secretary
Mini Marcos Owners Club

01905 458533

27th April 2006 : Entries required for Luxembourg rally by May 1st

Hello dear Marcos enthusiasts,

The day of our Marcos Meeting in Luxembourg (2nd to 5th June 2006) is coming closer. For more details have a look at our homepage

Therefore we invite all interested person (having not yet done a reservation) to return the booking form as soon as possible, latest by the 1st of May.

Many thanks for your understandings and also many thanks for your interests in our meeting.

Very best regards from Luxembourg,

Dan & Paul

17th January 2006 : Historic Marcoses found in Europe.

Christian Fey's a mine of information and let me know of a unique Marcos GT.

Perhaps a intersting information for you is, that we found the prototype of the Marcos GT in Germany after some years.

I took some pictures of the car.

Front of metal bodied GT
Rear end

It is the only GT with aluminum body. The car got a new chassis, parts of the body are new, engine and gearbox rebuild on a very high standard, but the car is not complete, no interior trim and some smaller things outside.

The car is not complete, there are no more spares for this car, but I know where the original English number plates are with all the papers. The car was street legal. The last owner wanted to race the car, a FIA rollcage was fitted as well as race tank.

Engine bay

The engine & gearbox are completly rebuilt. Chassis is new and a lot of the aluminum parts were completely renewed.

The car is for sale for around 30,000 Euros - Original number plates and papers will come with the car.

Here is an article from an English magazine refering to this car.

Tom will get in his workshop this winter the one and only Marcos Fastback Spyder. The car belongs to a Marcos owner in Belgium - Maarten Krikken - well known in the Mini Marcos club. The car is basically in very good condition and needs some work especially for the damaged bonnet.

17th January 2006 : More on the 2005 & 2006 Marcos Euregio at the Nurburgring.

Christian Fey's been in touch to provide some more information and links about the 2005 Euregio and some great news for 2006.

Thanks for mention the "Euregio Meeting" under the link "Events" you will find more and I think better pics. The link you have listed was from one of the co-drivers a "fist shot" immediately after the event and he was the first. Link:

Other link from the Luxemburg Marcos website.

In with the search "Mantula" you will find 2 short video´s from my co-driver Twan Aldenzee - new Marcos GT owner from the Netherlands - the moment a Gulf Porsche overtaking us in my Mantula and later I was able to overtake the 917-10. I think it was the first time that a Mantula did overtake a 917-10. Very exciting moment to drive with such cars on the "Ring".

Over all every team driving on the Euregio got a DVD with Video´s from the event - in total nearly 2 hours Marcos driving on the Nürburgring - and a CD with nearly 1.000 pictures.

One of our German Marcos Owners did give every team a special produced Marcos badge

All in all we did have a wonderful weekend with a lot of fun, and Klaus Tweddell did show us Saturday evening his selfmade film from the Spa 1968 race. For me the only known film showing the Mantis XP arriving on the truck to the paddock and in race. Very short but very impressive.

The date for the Euregio / Classic 06 meeting will be this year the weekend 22.-24. September 2006 on the Nürburgring.

Hope to see you with CLE 100H and a lot more Marcos owners with there cars.

1st January 2006 : 2005 Marcos Euregio at the Nurburgring.

I feared I'd probably missed out on something amazing when I couldn't get to the Marcos Euregio at the Nurburgring and the images on the German Marcos Owners' Club website seem to bear this out.

You can see all the photos at, but here are a couple of highlights!

23rd November 2005: Marcos 1800 Trailing Arm

Michael Royson has written to tell me that the 1800 owners in Sweden have made new trailer arms from high tensile alloy (SIS 2342-05 heat threated), sand casted.

"As you can see it's one piece with both shock absorber brackets for LH and RH out of the mould.

They will be about double the strength the original ones, Then we machine one off depending on which side it will be

We will produce them machined and ready to fit. Please let us know if you're interested since this will be the one and only batch we will make!

Price depending on the number produced!"

Michael Royson +46-19 611 34 04 or +46 702 68 85 00

25th August 2005 : Marcos Euregio storms the 'Ring!

Christian Fey has emailed me with news of the 2005 Euregio, the European Marcos event and it's a Corker!

The "MARCOS Euregio meeting" will be this year in Germany in combination with the "Classic 2005" on the Nürburging first weekend in October.

For the Marcos owners with Marcos cars we have a tent with special parking area within the paddock. Saturday we can drive with our Marcos and a Co-driver 4 laps on the old "Nordschleife" = 20 km and in the afternoon 4 laps on the Grand Prix track and the "Nordschleife" = 26 km. Both times it is a "Regularity Run". In the firts lap you will set your laptime - as quick as you want - and you have to repeat this laptime on the 2. lap and be 10 seconds quicker on the 3. lap and again in the 4. lap 10 seconds quicker than in your 3. lap. The overall winners as well as the best Marcos drivers will get trophys.

So you can drive as quick as you want. Driver and Co-driver must wear a helmet.

Sunday will be one hour demonstration laps on the Grand Prix track and probably - not yet confirmed - a third time 4 laps on the GP + Nordschleife.

Everybody who will send a picture of his car with some details to the car will be pubilished in the race brochure and the brand MARCOS will get a complete page for the history. The deadline for the pictures is the September.

The price for every team (1 car and 2 persons) including tickets to all races & practice sessions around the circuit = 25 km, free MARCOS laps on the track, free parking in the Paddock and a lot of events around the circuit is 150 € = for each team (car & driver & co-driver).


For Friday the 30. September we will get the opportunity to drive as "installation & track day" on the "Nordschleife" from 8:15 to 18:00. You can buy a ticket for 1, 2 or 3 hours driving. Price not known yet and will follow asap. I expect around 30 € per hour.

Saturday evening we will have diner together and perhaps some MARCOS pictures / film / video near to the ring. A Hotel is nearby for 49 € for the room and 6 € p.p. for continental breakfast. The Marcos cars can be parked on a closed and guarded parking place.

Unfortunately it is very short-dated, but this event will happen the first time on the Nürburgring and we got this afternoon the first informations and Maarten´s marriage and moving house does not allow him this year to arrange the Marcos Euregio Meeting.

Hope a lot of MARCOS will come and profit from this unique possibility to get in contact and drive through the "green hell". PM me, if you will participate or you have further questions.

Kind regards Christian Fey

Sadly my car's off the road (still...), but if you have a healthy Marcos can you really miss this opportunity?

6th August 2005 : Minis in the Park with MMOC

Roger Garland at the MMOC has emailed me with news of the Mini in the Park event.

Hello All

Mini in the Park is rapidly approaching.
I have ordered a supply of tickets (at a considerable discount) and these should arrive within the next few days.

Admission on the day will be £15 per person.
However, advance tickets for drivers of MMOC cars are now available at just £6 each.
Passenger tickets are £10 each.

As you may know, Mini in the Park is the world's largest Mini show - and we can be there!
For 2005 the event returns to it's original venue, Cornbury Park, Near Charlbury, Oxfordshire.
There will be over 100 trade / autojumble stands and more than 120 club areas!!
Yes, it really is that big - all we need is fine weather, plus you.

The tickets I have ordered will be sold on a "first come first served" basis, so if you would like to help represent 
the MMOC at this event (and obtain cut-price admission!) please let me know at the earliest opportunity.

Club Secretary

26th March 2005 : Marcos launch Coupe!

Exciting news from Marcos (and yet another indication of a return to the circuits?) is that they have launched a Coupe version of the TSO.

Unveiled in Australia (and, currently, designed to Australian specs, oddly), the TSO GT features the same technical spec as the TSO convertible, but in a rather Cobra Daytona style coupe form.

To my eyes, even in that Orange (Is everyone at Marcos colour blind?) it looks a much better looking car than the TSO, with the front and back looking less at odds with each other.

More info on the Marcos Engineering website.

Full marks to Tony Stelliga and the team for taking the marque forward.

26th March 2005 : XP returns to the track!

I spotted over on Dave McGill's website that Ned Morris had carried through his musings when we visited his family and the XP and taken it out onto the Thunderhills circuit.

The full story of the day is on Dave's website, so I'll only steal a photo and the following extract:

When the Mantis arrived on it's trailer, all heads turn in unison as the Mantis slowly rolled by.
It was clear very few people had any idea what this car was.

All day the Mantis attracted interested from puzzled sports car fans, most wanting to know, what was this outrageously styled (and loud) sports car?

19th February 2005 : MOC news

[Good Lord, 8 months since last update!]

Roger Young has written to all MOC members to let them know of the upcoming AGM.

Roger writes :

As some of you will no doubt be aware, the Marcos Owners Club has been in a degree of 'disarray' for a while...
The constitution requires an AGM to be held annually and the [13th March] has been designated for that meeting.

The meeting is taking place at the Coventry Suite, Coventry Hilton Hotel, Paradise Way, Walsgrove Triangle, Coventry, CV2 2ST between 2:00 and 4:00 on the 13th March 2005. This is close to Jct 2 on the M6.

If you are a member and wish to attend, email Roger as attendance is limited.

Also, there's news of the MOC 2005 Rally. It will take the familiar 2 day format, with Saturday 2nd July at Curborough Sprint Track and Sunday 3rd July at Billing Aquadrome for the annual concourse.

For more information on Saturday night accomodation and meal, contact Richard Partridge on 01206 860223.

22nd June 2004 : Latest info on Euregio.

I received this recently from Maarten.

Dear All,

Last week-end I have made further arrangements for the next Marcos Euregio 
Meeting on September, 11th and 12th.

This year, the Marcos Euregio Meeting will visit on sunday september, 12th, 
the old coalmine of Beringen, in the Belgian province of Limburg. In 
Beringen, the Flemish Coalmining museum is located in an old building of the 
local mine, which was closed in the late eighties of the last century. On 
the same day, the Flemish 'Mine Day' will be organised by the museum. This 
will create a very nice atmosphere, as there will be steet theatre, music, 
local crafts and the likes. More than ever, the Marcos Euregio Meeting will 
be a day out for the whole family!

In order to take away concerns of combining the Marcos Euregio Meeting with 
such an event open to the general public: I am fully aware we all look after 
our car, and a supervised parking will be reserved for the Marcosses in the 
near vicinity of the museum.

We will enjoy lunch at the museum and have a guided tour (in English) in the 
museum and the old buildings. Mining was part of almost every families lifes 
for decades. Everybody in ther region has family members who worked in the 
underground. Visiting the museum and more importantly the buildings, which 
are only open one day a year, will be more than worthwhile.

As you might remember, on saturday a visit to a local 'chocolaterie' is 
planned and Terry Sanger agreed to speak on saturday evening.

As soon as more details are known, I will get in touch off course.

I would like to invite those who operate mailing lists or have their own 
website dedicated to Marcos to spread the word and put this information on 
the www.

See you on 11 and 12 September

Kindest regards


26th May 2004 : Monster Marcos launched/Link with Prodrive

Big, big news on the Marcos front.

The following press release announces the 5.7 Litre Chevrolet powered, Marcos TSO (Omologato) and an alliance with Prodrive, most famous for being the team behind Subaru's rally programme and Ferrari's 550 GT racer.

With the Chevy engine (currently dominating the Le Mans GT class) and Prodrive involved one would be naive to think that a Le Mans return is not in Mr Steliga's plans - Let's hope they come to fruition

BIRMINGHAM, UK, 25th May, 2004 – Marcos Engineering Ltd ("Marcos") is pleased to announce the new Marcos TSO roadcar – making its debut at the Sunday Times Motorshow at the National Exhibition Centre In Birmingham. This two seat open top sports car delivers an unprecedented level of power, precision and style in the company’s 45-year sportscar history.

From the outset, the new management and engineering team at Marcos set out to build a reliable, easily drivable two-seater, yet instill the TSO with many of the attributes found in Marcos racing cars. This has yielded a road car with exceptional performance and agility while also being comfortable in daily driving and at home in any environment.

The resulting "TSO" or "Omologato" is derived from its racing blood line and as such delivers an awe inspiring 400 horsepower in a two seat roadcar that weighs just 1090kg. These impressive power to weight figures enable it to accelerate to 60 mph in just 4 seconds and to 100mph in just 9 seconds. Top speed is estimated to be over 185 mph.

Power is provided by a 5.7 Litre V8 Engine derived from the same GM powerplant used in Marcos and Corvette racing cars worldwide. This Aluminium Alloy block and head design is extremely reliable and lightweight. The TSO R/T benefits from intake and valve train enhancements to increase useable horsepower without sacrificing drivability or fuel economy.

The TSO provides driving agility and impressive road holding due to extensive chassis development and testing under a partnership with Prodrive – a recognised leader in chassis dynamics, vehicle dynamic systems and powertrains. Currently, Prodrive has six World Rally titles and five British Touring Car Championships to their name.

The design team was driven to capture some lines from the 45-year winning history of the brand, yet take the design forward in precision, quality and style. Designed by Damian McTaggart, formerly the designer of TVR’s Cerbera, Tuscan and T350, the TSO’s lines are exceptionally clean yet aggressive. The design effort coupled classic sculpting techniques for real-time feedback with state of the art CAD techniques for precision and speed.

The entry level TSO is priced at £39,950 and delivers 350HP with a 5-speed transmission and 17 inch wheels. The TSO R/T is priced at £44,950 and produces 400HP with a 6-speed transmission, sports suspension package and18 inch rear wheels.

"The TSO marks the return of the sharp, affordable, high performance V8 British sports car ", said Tony Stelliga, Chairman of Marcos Engineering." We believe it hits a gap in the marketplace that stirs the soul of motoring enthusiasts and are thrilled with the result".

Marcos Engineering is also pleased to announce it will be expanding operations into their own new 6,000 square foot facility at Prodrive’s Kenilworth site in Warwickshire. This facility provides a 1.5 mile high performance circuit and one of the few split low grip surfaces in the UK capable of simulating driving under slippery road conditions.

The TSO is on display this week at the Sunday Times Motor Show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Further information is available at

25th May 2004
More info: Tel 01373 301182

9th May 2004 : Marcos on eBay news.

Marcos items seem to be selling for high prices on eBay.

A few months ago a bonnet badge sold for around £250, list prices was £65, last I checked and I saw one for sale for less than that at the London Classic Car Show in April.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a set of unpainted Magnesium wheels (as fitted to the 69-72 V6s) sold for £195 (actually, that's not bad for 5 wheels...).

And most amazing (perhaps) of all, a Fly LM600 slot car, customised to represent the TFM-GT car (and one of just 15 made, apparently) by 'Mantara' sold for £320. 'Mantara' undertakes commisions, so if you fancy a unique Marcos slotcar (at more reasonable prices than the £320!), drop him a mail at, mentioning the Marcos Website.

9th May 2004 : Marcos Scale Model news.

Maarten Krikken sent me the following, regarding some interesting Marcos models which are available.

There is some interesting news for the model car enthusiasts among us.

I have spoken to Wim Noorman of Eurotech, who has told me they want to 
produce some aluminium models (LM600/Mantis) in the course of April. A 
limited number would be made available to Marcos enthusiasts. I already have 
a number of people asking for these cars (scale ca 1/10-1/12). They will 
cost ca 60 euro each. Those who have been at the Euregio Meeting the last 
couple of years will know the models very well.

Through Bryan Price (who's scale model collection of Marcosses is simply 
stunning) I got in touch with TW models. They reproduce the Mikansue model 
(1/43) of the Ugly Duckling Gullwing. More-over, it is the only model of the 
Gullwing that is available today, as far as I know. It might be a bit crude 
or rough, it can be turned into a nice model with a bit of skill and 
patience. The kit is available at 20 pounds plus postage.  As Trevor is 
doing this as a hobby, he has asked me to gather any interest/orders from 
Marcos enthusiasts and bundle them. He then can make a number of kits in one 
go and send them of to who-ever has ordered them.

I any of you is interested in these models, I am happy to hear from you.


9th May 2004 : Marcos parade at Le Mans

'The Quiffster' has sent me the following regarding the chance to join the pre-24 hour festivities at this year's Le Mans race.

...there will be ten Marcos cars in the City Centre parade at Le 
Mans on the Friday evening. We have been invited by the organisers of the 
Classic British Welcome ( to 
participate. There are at least eighteen Marcos going this year (that I 
know of), and details can be found on the Forum under the 'Events' section. 
If anyone wants to know about cruises or meets while we're down there, then 
they are more than welcome to contact me & I will point them in the right 
direction. (I have a list of mobile numbers that I was going to distribute 
before we all leave Blighty.)

If you're interested, contact him at

14th February 2004 : MOC Rally early in 2004 and open to all enthusiasts

Received this today from Lary Killick of the Marcos Owners' Club.

We are holding the MOC Rally early this year, 8th & 9th of May.

The Saturday is as usual the Sprint at Curborough, and the Sunday is at Chatworth House.

Although it is separate from the CMI meeting this year, it is not because of any differences, it is to give all members another event, by combining the two rallies we all lose an event, so members of either club all welcome to participate.

Sounds good, especially if the two rallies are regionally dispersed, giving more people a chance to attend at least one of them.

11th February 2004 : Changes at the MOC

Received this a while ago from the Marcos Owners' Club - Hopefully things will be a little more active on this club's front.

Any chance we'll FINALLY see the Workshop manuals???

Dear Marcos Enthusiast, 15th December 2003

On Saturday 29th November 2003 “The Marcos Owners Club” held its AGM, it was the first one since 1996. The omission of previous AGM’s was due to various reasons, but now we have had one, and as a result we have created a new Committee.

As an associated party to our Club it could be of interest to you to know who is now responsible for what part of the Club, so I am listing all the Committee Members below with the role each has agreed to fulfil to the best of their ability, hopefully this will meet the demands of the Membership and the Club can move forward. The Committee Chairman has yet to be elected, the magazine and website have yet to be debated as to how they will move forward with the Club. In the mean time any correspondence regarding the Magazine and website should be sent to the Secretary.

President; Colin Feyeraband.
Chairman; To be advised.
Secretary; Lary Killick.
Deputy Secretary; Grant Storey.
Treasurer; Lary Killick.
Website & Forum; Oliver Hawkins.
European Co-ordinator; Peter Young.
National Show Organiser; Richard Partridge.
PR & Regalia; Paul Crocker.
General Member; Roger Young.
General Member; Steve Sage.

If you have a need to contact any of the above Committee Members please contact the Secretary (details at foot of page) for the relevant contact details.

Would you please amend your records regarding The Marcos Owners Club details.

I hope that our new Committee will give you as good a service as you would like in the future, if however you recognise any short comings please do not hesitate to bring them to our attention, we want the Club to become as good as it once was and hopefully will be again, to this end we will view any criticism constructively.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

from, The Marcos Owners Club Committee.

October 4th 2003: Marcos TV Feature

A casual search revealed this recent interview (from a local BBC programme) with Jem, his wife, Isobel Chivers and a number of owners and factory staff. The actual film clip is, sadly, of poor quality, but it's an interesting, and rare, insight into what's going on at Marcos.

Click here to watch the piece and see stills from it

August 22nd 2003: Lockie back in an LM600!

Former BRDC GT champion (in a Marcos), Calum Lockie, is to team up with Cor Euser once more to contest the 1000km de Spa on August 30/31, in the Marcos Racing International Marcos Mantara LM600 Evo.

The press release reads :

Lockie, who last drove the Mantara in tyre tests for Dunlop last October, 
is delighted to be back in international level sports car racing. He will 
have backing from Serco for the race.

"It is fantastic! I've pulled out all the stops to put a deal together," 
he said. "I'm really pleased on two fronts; first to be back racing with 
Cor again in the Mantara, and secondly to be racing at Spa once more."

The Spa race represents one of the classic endurance races and Lockie 
believes that a class victory is a real possibility. "We'll just aim to 
finish as high up as possible. A class win would be fantastic," he says. 

Euser tested the car recently at Spa and came away very encouraged with 
the results. After testing and qualifying on Friday and Saturday, the 
race, which is likely to run for around five hours, will start at 
lunchtime on Sunday 31 August.

If there is any way you can get to Spa, I highly recommend it, it's like Brands Hatch is the Scalextric version of Spa!

Good luck to Calum and Cor and it's great to see Calum back in a proper car after wasting time with those tuned FIATs!

PS. I've just heard that the car is running in the the invitation class with 700bhp!!!!! - Melindi's (Calum's partner) exclamation marks - but perfectly justified!.

For older news, see the archive page.