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August 22nd 2003: LM500s - Just £3.50!

Been a bit slow on news and the site, but I've got a few of those toy Marcoses again - The first 3 went to Switzerland, France and Germany - I've got a pair Silver and Gold on eBay at the moment.

I also have ONE blue car and a couple more of silver and gold - For Visitors to this site, I can do them for £3.50 posted in the UK and £5.50 to Europe - US will be a bit more...

If you're interested Drop me an e-mail.

June 1st 2003: TS gets power boost in form of V8!

Marcos have just announced a new V8 powered car due to be debuted at the Canary Wharf Motorexpo show.

TS500 - See it at Canary Wharf
TS500 at Canary Wharf - Picture courtesy

The TS500, as it will be known, uses the proven 5 litre Rover based Marcos ‘Javelin’ engine developing 320bhp and 350lb ft of torque. With weight around the 1025kg mark the car should address those concerned that the TS250 wasn't powerful enough. Aided by a chassis and suspension developed directly from Marcos’ Le Mans experiences the car should prove a hit, especially at the attractive price of £34,950.
The TS250 continues and benefits from a price drop to £29,950.
Most reviews praised the TS250's finish, styling and handling, but were concerned about the price and, some, the lack of power. Marcos have been listening...

You can see the cars at the Canary Wharf MotorExpo in London between 2nd and 7th June.

April 7th 2003: Original artwork from Autographics.

At the BRDC GT/F3 press day, I got chatting to Ian Cunningham about this wonderful drawing of one of the TFM-GT Marcoses.


Ian does a lot of work for various teams in the GT series and other events and commissions at reasonable (I thought) prices.

You can contact him by email or through his website at

April 2nd 2003: New Fly Slotcar Marcoses coming.

The Fly website ( shows a number of new Marcos LM600s coming in 2003. First up, and trailed on a number of websites, is the Red car raced in the 2002 Spa 24 Hours. Also on the website is a car in the colours of the TFM-GT team and one in the Orange and Black colours of Herman Buurmann's Euro GT car.

March 30th 2003: Jem Marsh article.

May's Classic and Sportscar has a 3 or 4 page article on Jem Marsh, which inevitably covers Marcos history. There's also a sidebar test of the TS250.

March 10th 2003: Marcos 'pull back and go' cars on Ebay.

I managed to track down a few of those LM400/500 'pull back and go' cars at a local shop and am putting them up for Auction on Ebay.

The above link will find them, if they're still available (All gone as at 3rd April 2003).

February 16th 2003: TS250 roadtest online

The Pistonheads website has a 4 page roadtest on the TS250 - You can read it (and see lots of pictures) at

February 3rd 2003: Marcos Mantis finishes Daytona 24 Hours

The Cor Euser/Rob Knook/Peter Van Der Kolk Marcos Mantis endured a rough start and numerous problems along the way to finish 23rd overall and 11th in the GT class. The lead GT car (A Porsche GT3 RS) was 230 laps ahead, but also took overall victory. GT cars filled the podium, with a Ferrari 360 splitting two Porsches.

February 1st 2003: Marcos Mantis takes Daytona 24 Hours start

The Cor Euser/Rob Knook/Peter Van Der Kolk Marcos Mantis lines up 40th on the grid for today's Daytona 24 Hours. Sadly, there's been no sign of the Mantara LM600, throughout practice.

Their best time of 01:56.024 is considerably faster than many of the cars ahead of them, so if anyone can explain how Daytona form their grid, I'd love to know!

Good Luck Guys! - Race starts at 17:00 GMT today.

January 30th 2003: Luxembourg Marcos Event in June 2003

Paul Huberty and Dan Schaal have sent me details of their Marcos event in Luxembourg. This is the second such event and promises to be good!

The schedule is :

  • Place: Dommeldange 3 min. from Luxembourg-city.
    On the motorway Luxembourg-Trier take the new exit Nr.:8 direction: Echternach. Continue till the end of that motorway (1 mile) and turn left direction Dommeldange/Luxembourg for 1-2 miles. The Alvisse Parc Hotel is the first building at your left, entering Dommeldange.