What's New with this Web Page

2010's almost into it's second quarter and the racing season has just about got started.

There's a review of a bit of Marcos racing on the racing page and a new Car of the Month.

I've also posted some pictures and details of a ceramic Marcos that some of you might have seen at last year's Rally on the Scale Models page.

Last year will be a hard one to top as far the Marcos marque is concerned, but every year seems to bring something new and exciting, even with the marque currently dormant.

I'll try and keep the site up to date this year (and maybe even get my car roadworthy...), so pop back and check it out from time to time.

I'm always in need of new images for Car of the Month, so keep the photos coming as more original shots are always welcome - E-mail me with your photos now!

I first launched this site as far back as 1995 (so almost ancient by Web standards and almost worth a celebration of its own in 2010!) and you can see what it looked like then (more or less) here.

If you've any comments, drop me an E-mail and don't forget to E-mail me photos of your cars for Car Of The Month - If you don't have access to a scanner, E-mail me for my postal address so I can get your car on the Net.

Most of all, I hope you enjoy the Unofficial Marcos Homepage and continue to return to it for more information on Marcos cars over the coming months.