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NAME : Pete Schömer 
Contact :
Location : England
WANTED - Stolen Marcos GT1800 racecar. Taken form my lock-up in North Vancouver in the early 1990's.

The RCMP Police have a open case on this thieft.

I ask anyone if they know the current location.

I still retain the original V5 registration and Brass ID plate.
Car ID is #4046L and registration is MYU 616D. 
I purchased this car from Jen Marsh direct in 1989.
I have full proof or ownership.	   

Latest success...

Just a quick note to thank you for including my abandoned Marcos restoration in your classified section.
The first respondent got the details from this site and purchased it so it has now found what will hopefully be a good home.
If it's at all possible could you please remove the advert to avoid anyone else still thinking that it's availabe.
Thanks again for the help and for a great site. Luckily I've still got one Marcos so I shall continue to be a regular visitor.
Cheers  Gary.
and something to beware of...
I have had a few enquiries from your site, a sale was secured this last weekend to an enthusiastic lady, 
who had been a previous Marcos owner. 

I also had several scam type approaches offering to pay more for the car to cover transport costs from overseas sources, 
requiring bank details for transfer of funds, my reply was always thanking them for the interest but stating that the car 
was for sale on a cash only bases and that I would not become in involved in shipping arrangements. 

They never followed through.

Sellers take care. 

Regards Martin Endsor.

I had another seller contact me to warn of suspicious activity.

There is  a man [name removed] offering to buy anything and offers a 
stupidly high price without seeing the car, he offered me £19k for mine but it 
was all a bit strange and I suspect he is trying to con people as he wanted to 
pay by bankers cheque thing (sorry can’t remember it’s proper name) and to take 
the car straight away. 
There has been a huge number of thief’s of these recently so it may be wise to put 
up a warning about taking them and allowing them to clear before releasing the car. 

Thanks for the feedback and remember, there's no charge for selling here (although any contributions are welcome!) , although it may take a little while to get your ad online!

Always check here when looking for a Marcos as all the money you pay goes to the owner; there's no middle man!

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For Sale

Contact: Lorie
Telephone: n/a

This car is one of 12 Luton Gullwings designed by Dennis Adams.

Car raced in Canada in 1964 and has remained here since.

Ford power (1500).

Car spent its life in Canada as a race car and was not road registered.

It is disassembled and has a replacement chassis plus the original and documentation.

A replacement chassis is available and there is a replacement bonnet.

Two engines are included along with other spares and comprehensive documentation.

Car is located in Canada. Click here for PDF with more images of complete car

Additional pictures are available on request.

Serious inquires please by e-mail to:

Placed : October 2012

Contact: Duncan Mulvein
Telephone: +33 4 57 08 97 13 (Landline, France)

FOR SALE New kit Marcos Mantula V8 IRS coupé

Partially constructed and improved using components of the very highest specifications by a qualified design engineer working at Jaguar Cars Ltd:

I ordered a complete kit to build a Mantula coupé with Independent Rear Suspension from Marcos in 1989. I specified a number of special features: Although it is a coupé, it has the stronger Spyder chassis, it has fully adjustable suspension wishbones and a "half-leather" interior; the parts habitually exposed to direct sunlight are of Ambla material of identical shade to the leather. I also specified the very rare (1 of only 5, I believe), and very expensive, Jack Knight steering system (the standard car suffers from two major steering defects: excessive 'bump steer' and non linear steering response).

I started to build my Marcos when I was a design/development engineer at Jaguar Cars Ltd. I moved to France to work for Citroën in 1994 and I left my Marcos in England.

The Marcos is now near Lyon in France and I no longer have the time to finish my car.

I have improved nearly every aspect of the car.

My car features fully adjustable suspension geometry: Camber, castor, ride height and track width at the front, and ride height, camber, toe in, and track width at the rear.

In addition to the stronger chassis of the Mantula Spyder, I strengthened the body structure. The roof features a composite shear panel supported by reinforced pillars.
The aspect of the car has remained unchanged but the modifications provide the strength of a roll cage without the intrusion (see photo 3).

The braking system now comprises a brake balance bar.

The standard fuel tank is ridiculously small. I designed a new fuel system comprising an additional aluminium fuel tank located above the differential.
This additional tank communicates with the main tank via aluminium tubing. The main tank was modified to ensure that nearly every drop of fuel could be used and that the fuel gauge would measure the total fuel contents.

I attach some photographs of my Marcos.

As you can understand, a lot of work has already been carried out but a lot of the work is not visible.

Some of the work that illustrates my attention to detail that can be seen:

Photo 3 Sun visors trimmed in roof lining material.

Photo 4 Additional aluminium fuel tank above the space for the final drive (differential) unit.

Waxoyl dripping from inside the chassis tubes (all were drilled to provide a drain for any water and Waxoyl was liberally applied).
I am not surprised to read of the “disappearing chassis” of standard cars.
The black finish at the rear of the chassis is a coat of liquid rubber. I also applied a thick coat to the underside of both wheel
arches to avoid having problems with star crazing of the GRP due to stone impacts. Sound insulation will also be improved.
Sound insulation further improved using polyurethane foam to seal between chassis sheet metal (NB Spyder chassis) and transmission tunnel and inside the sill cavities.
At the rear, one of the aluminium tubes connecting the two fuel tanks.
At the front, the fuel tank vent tube (in copper, just behind “aeroquip” brake line) from a proper fuel tank vent valve [no resistance to letting air in (to let fuel out) but a few psi are required before vapour can vent to the exterior (reduces fuel loss)].

>Photo 5 Air extraction system at base of the rear windscreen to vent cabin air to this low pressure zone of the exterior thereby avoiding “steaming up”, improving cabin ventilation (if air cannot escape fresh air will not enter, even with a fan), and allowing driving with the windows closed under normal conditions.

Liquid drains from this area (spilt fuel and water). The plastic tubing has not yet been fitted.
Reinforcement of the body around the gas struts (to avoid stress crazing).
Reinforcement of the body using aluminium plates around the hinge plates (to avoid stress crazing).

I spent over 4000 hours building the car.

The Marcos factory workshop manager came to see my car and said that he had never seen a Marcos built to such a high standard...

I have over 100 photographs of the build process and a lot more information. The original receipts, build notes and of course stamped chassis plate are all included to enable the car to be registered.

Viewing is highly recommended and welcomed. Easyjet offer cheap flights to Lyon. I am able to deliver the kit to you anywhere in Europe.

The kit is complete (there are even some duplicate parts) and everything required to build a new Mantula is included except engine, gearbox, final drive (differential) unit and wheels.

Price: £17,500

Placed : April 2012

NAME : Stephen Fathers
Contact : SOLD
Location : UK
Telephone : SOLD

I have two Marcos electric window switches for sale as shown in the pictures attached. 

They are brand new and have been in a dry drawer for years! 
Price : £25 each  - NOW SOLD!

Placed : October 2011

NAME : Philip-Alexis Kaplan
Contact :
Location : Antwerpen, Belgium
Telephone : +3232375826

Mini Marcos 1275.
Chassis DH8378
Overall good condition.

Would benefit from a helpful woman (or man - We don't endorse sexism on this site and it's me 
who cleans all the cars in my house! :) - MS.) to give her a good shampooing and caring strokes 
to dust her out.

That's really all she'll need.

Price : 17000 Euro.

Placed : July 2011


NAME : Johh Scott
Contact : John Scott
Location : Glasgow
Telephone : Contact via Mail


For Sale, 1970 Marcos 3l V6, owned by me since 1972. 

Has had total body-off nut & bolt restoration and is now at the rolling-chassis stage of assembly. 

Specifications : 
Chassis : grit-blasted, strengthened & gusetted for rigidity. Hot-dip galvanised along with all suspension components & new front wishbones. 

Painted (gold Hammerite). New rack, new anti-bump steer kit with rose-jointed track rods (Rory), front anti-roll bar (GT6) fitted with 
associated chassis modification, new wheel bearings front & rear, new front alloy hubs with gp1 studs, vented front brakes with Wilwood 
4-pot calipers, Kunifer brake pipes with stainless braided flexys, adjustable brake bias valve. 

Rear : disc brake conversion (Rally Design) with Wilwood handbrake calipers. Rebuilt limited slip diff. set up for tarmac, new competition springs 
and new special-order Konis all round. 
Wheels are 14" Revolutions with unused Yokos. All bushes are Superflex. Body at present sits on top of chassis. Body is complete with all glass, 
including removable glass sunroof and rare bronze tint glass rear screen. After 40 years it will need rewired , body rubbed down & resprayed.  

Engine : Later Essex V6 block, bored +40 and AES offset ground crank with special rods giving approx 3.34L, fitted rally spec cam. steel timing gear 
Full race heads with Yella Terra rockers, massive valves, O-ringed block, breathes through Ford Rallysport inlet and triple 42DCNFs. Balanced & ported. 
Flywheel modified to take Cosworth clutch. Lubrication is currently dry-sump with special alloy fabricated sump pan but can readily be converted to 
wet-sump lubrication. A baffled competition wet sump is available.The engine was built for me by Ric Wood and has been dry-stored and unrun since assembly. 

Estimated power around 240 hp but more available if cam is changed. 

Gearbox : Type T9 5-speed box. Quaife Clubmans straight-cut internals inside full Quaife alloy casing. Mates to engine via special lightweight magnesium 
alloy bellhousing. Coaxial hydraulic slave cyl & release bearing. Gearchange assembly is quaife quickshift kit & the lever has been moved forward a few cm. 

For more photos, details & queries please email me. The car is situated in the Glasgow area.  

If the major components are sold separately, I am looking for in the region of  £3.5k for the complete rolling chassis & body assembly, 
£ 4.5k for the engine in wet sump format or £ 5.5 for dry sump, and £ 1.5k for the Quaife box with bellhousing and coaxial slave cyl. 

If someone is interested in the complete package I can do a deal

Placed : July 2011

NAME : Jim Carpenter  
Contact : 
Location : USA		
Telephone : 360 790 8219

This is a one of a kind Marcos Cosworth race car. This machine is fresh from Europe where it participated in several hillclimb 
and rally racing events. 

It was built as a race car by MSE, an engineering company in Belgium and is the only one ever produced by Marcos with a Ford Cosworth 
4-cylinder turbo powerplant engine. Incredibly, the engine creates over 400hp with only 2.2 liters. All of the other Marcos race cars 
produced have small-block Chevrolet engines. 

With the lightweight front end (thanks to the smaller engine), this car has phenomenal performance. The gearbox is a robust 5-speed unit 
that shifts easily. 

All of the racing for this example took place in Europe with a 2004 Touring Car series whre it placed 3rd for the year behind Porsche 993. 

It was sold 2 years ago to a driver from Spain. He then proceeded to race the car in a Spanish hill climb event where it took first in its class. 

Included with this car is a big spares package consisting of extra body panels, spare parts, and wheels. 

This car is a unique, great looking, turn key race car with spares to boot – all available for less than most cars of it's class. 

Everything is in working order and it needs nothing but a new, caring owner for its next set of adventures

I am asking $95,000 and I am open to offers or a combination of cash and other cars	 

Placed : May 2010


NAME : Bill O'Brien
Contact :
Location : USA

I have a collection of FLY Marcos 600 LM slot cars for sale. All cars are brand new with zero track time!!! Perfect condition!!!!
Please send me an email to make a purchase.

Shipping USA: 1 car $6.95 2 cars $8.95 3 cars $11.95
Shipping Overseas: 1 car $11.95 USD 2 cars $13.95 3 cars $16.95

FLY Ref # Marcos 600 LM Price
A21 Le Mans 1996 - #81 - Yellow $49
A22 Le Mans 95 - #70 - Blue $49
A23 Brands Hatch 97 - #56 - White $55
A24 Donington 97 - #0 - Yellow $59
A25 1st Spa 98 British GT - #77 - Yellow $49
A26 Le Mans 1996 - #71 - Blue $49
A27 Boxed - 4th Jarma 1998 - #30 - Multi Color $49
A28 Boxed - Campeonato de Espana GT 2001 - #6 Multi $59
A29 Belcar 2000 - #49 - Black/Gray$55
A361 88004 Belcar 2000 - #50 - Black/Gray$69
FLY Ref # Marcos 600 LM - Limited Editions Price

E21 UK Special Edition Red - #69 - Maroon$75
E22 Special Edition - Le Mans 'Autopista' 98 - #98 - Gold $49
E23 Special Edition - Green (LES Cars Brussels) $49
E24 Special Edition - Cromo Edicion Especial Espana $69
E25 Special Edition - Mantra Challenge 98 - #1 - Red $169
E26A Special Edition - Autosport International Show 2000 - #10 $69
E26B Special Edition - 1 of 200 - Autosport International Show 2000 - #33 $259
E28 Special Edition - F.C. Barcelona "Limited Edition" - #10 - Blue $49
E29 Special Edition - Sondermodell 2001 $44
E221 Boxed Special Edition - QS by Quick Flame 2001 $149
E222 Boxed Special Edition -S. Olover Sport 2001 $149
PA1 Boxed - Campeonato de Espana GT 2001 $45 

Placed : Apr 2010

NAME : simon acourt
Contact :
Location : gillingham dorset
Telephone : 07949456485

Mini Marcos mkIII

Red, 1330cc harris engine, 1968,

Unfortunatley needs a new home no time or space 

£1000 or very near offer.

no time wasters tyre kickers or dreamers thanks	 

Placed : Jan 2010

NAME : Phil (?)
Contact :
Location : 	Honington (Suffolk)
Telephone : 01400 272082 / 07525 179657
Here is my Marcos Martina car kit which started life back in 1993.

I think 80% is an accurate estimate of it's completion state.

Engine is a reconditioned (+tweaked) Cosworth Sierra 2 litre turbo, fitted and plumbed in.

Brakes are fully fitted. Front calipers are Princess/Jaguar 4 pot.

Electrics, instruments and fuel system fitted.

All running gear complete and fitted.

A lot of time, money and effort has gone into this car. All work is top quality.

It comes with a lot of unfitted parts ie. harnesses and dash facia panels.

If you can see through the awful primer colour (which comes off to reveal the origional deep blue), lack of interior and 
crap transportation wheels you will see this is an awesome car with lots of potential.

The full story of this car is too much to try to convey here so please feel free to call me for the complete history.

Viewings are welcome.


Cheers, Phil.

Placed : April 2009

NAME : Clifford John Bush
Contact :
Telephone : 07850541765/01989567812




£13,500 ono
Placed : August 2008

NAME : John Carroll
Contact :
Location : Victoria B.C. Canada.
Telephone : 250 655 6202

Two Marcos for sale. 

A 1968 1700 x-flow, totally rebuilt with extensive upgrades, 5-speed, 15" panasports,Wilwood brakes with 
11" discs and lots more! 

Second Marcos a 1970 steel chassis, no engine or box, restoration started, has a new bonnet.

$25,000 for both  

Placed : June 2008

NAME : Andrew Tweddle
Contact :
Location : Durham

2 original 13" Marcos alloy wheels.
Original 3 spoke steering wheel.
Factory supplied wooden dash still in box.

Placed : May 2008

TELEPHONE :   27312666886




Placed : August 2007

NAME : Tim Cooper
Contact :
Location : Cheltenham
Telephone : 01242 578923

Honda ST70 Monkey Bike prev owned by Jem Marsh and the Marcos pit team. 
The bike has been customised by the pit crew to include Jems name and Marcos badges. 
Jem bought it new in 1977 and was taken with the team to events around the world. 
I have photos that I can email. 

I have another CT70 Monkey bike and this one just dosnt get enough use.

Placed Jan 2007

NAME : David O'Connor
Contact :
Location : Bristol
Telephone : 01179 779936

Marcos 3 Litre V6 for sale.

1971 targa red, 14 inch minilite wheels with spinners, new light covers.

Steel Chasis model, solid walnut dashboard.

Running and in presentable condition, has been garaged for two years, but warmed up every couple of weeks.

Asking £4,200ono

PLACED : August 2006

NAME : richard wos
Contact :
Location : Aylesbury Bucks UK.
Telephone : 01296 747555

1969 wooden chassis 3.0 essex v6 race car. 

Mint condition. winner in swinging sixties and anglo-american.		   

£14,950.00 PLACED : May 2006

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NAME : Paul Jiggins    
Contact :     
Location : Shropshire    
Telephone : 01952 510168     

'90s Mantis or an LM convertible wanted - any condition or model considered			   
Placed April 2012

NAME : Colin Turner
Contact :
Location : Bedfordshire, UK
Telephone : 01767 261004

Wanted for new project
Marcos 3 Litre V6 1971 or near.

Will collect if in UK.	

Placed February 2012

NAME : Dave Chadwick 
Contact :
Location : Detroit, Michigan
Telephone : (519)-250-7664

Looking for a Marcos somewhere near Detroit Michigan.  Anybody have anything for sale? 

Placed August 2011

NAME : Richard Brake
Contact :
Location : Guildford Surrey
Telephone : 01483 234557

Anyone got a Triumph engined 2.5 Marcos for sale?
Preferably a restoration project.

Placed June 2009

NAME : Chris Lyall
Contact :
Location : Midlands
Telephone : 07796262986	

Hi, I am looking for a pre 1973 GT coupe (steel chassis) preferably 3L Ford v6 or 1600. 

Must be a runner in presentable condition


Placed Apr 2009

NAME : David Holmes
Contact :
Location : Cheltenham
Telephone : 07515 880 227

GT Coupe wanted. I want a "project". So I'm after a non-runner/basket case maybe and preferably with all its bits. 

I'd prefer a V6, but 1500/1600/V4 OK. 

67-71 wood or steel chassis.

Placed Apr 2009

Name: Mikael Berthag
Location: Sweden
Telephone: (+46)705085996/(+46)34643855
Hi, I am looking for a Car identity to a late sixties Marcos, engine size no matter.
Could also consider buying a car with identity, if the price is right.

Placed Feb 2009

NAME : Andy Seward
Contact : c/o
Location: USA
Telephone : N/a

I am looking for one time Marcos owner, Konrad Wolosz, believed to be living in Switzerland.

Does anyone have an email address or telephone contact number for Konrad?  

I saw an early Marcos Club magazine wherein he had posted two photos of Steve Minoprio and HOO144, our 1962 Marcos Gullwing, racing at Brands Hatch.  

I want to contact Konrad in hopes he still has those photos and might be wiling to either scan a copy for me or sell them outright.  

Placed Jan 2009

NAME : Richard Botten
Contact :
Location: Salisbury
Telephone : N/a

I am currently rebuilding a 1968 Marcos 1600, reg TFD202G.

 I know it was originally registered to Glynn Kerr, but any further information about its history would be very welcome.


Placed April 2008

NAME : Jean-Charles Severin
Location : Copenhagen
Contact :
Telephone : (0045) 28 77 93 01

Pre 1973 Marcos GT wanted. 	

Preferably with a 3 litres Ford engine. 

I live in Copenhagen but will come and fetch the car myself and I will pay cash when I collect the car. 
PLACED : March 2008

NAME : Ken (Rodenbush?)
Location : US - I believe
Telephone : 818 990-1038

Wanted Front air dam and Front Bumpers for early Marcos 1800GT, Also Front and Rear "Marcos" badges. 

Contact Ken @ 818 990-1038		

PLACED : March 2008

NAME : Franz-W. Pohl
Contact :
Location : Aachen Germany
Telephone : 0049 2423 3077

I’m looking for a 3L-Marcos oldtimer 1969 - 1975 in a good condition and an acceptable price.

Please call me soon

Placed : Feb 2008

NAME : Timothy Stakes
Contact :
Location : Cumbria
Telephone : 019467 76851

Marcos Coupe 3 litre V6 Steel chassis  (Non Q registered) required for restoration, the more knackered the better! 

May consider smaller engine sizes provided the car has a steel chassis 

Price to reflect the condition.

Will collect if required

Placed : Jan 2008

NAME : Rochat
Contact :
Location : Geneva
Hello, I look for the plans of the metal frame for a Marcos of 1970.	 

I have a project of bulding an alloy Marcos within the framework of my formation,
thank you 

Placed : November 2007		   

NAME : Geoff Best
Contact :
Location : Australia
Telephone :  61 2 62489646

Would like a Marco 3 litre, but have no idea of a likely price - much less by the time 
I get it to Australia.  

If you  have one, and are willing, please drop me a line.

Placed : November 2007		   

NAME : Goran Milding
Contact :
Location : Sweden
Telephone :  46708204082 

Orginal Marcos Alu whhels and Front spoiler wanted for my Marcos 3.0 GT V6 1969.

If you also have a Weber 38 DGAS for sale it would be great.

Thank's Marcos friends!

PLACED : August 2007

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